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Pre-Embargo briefing on “The UK’s tax revenues from international students post-graduation”

  • 18 March 2019

This is a pre-embargo briefing on HEPI / Kaplan research to be published on Thursday 21st March and will provide data on:

• The tax and National Insurance payments of international students who stay in the UK to work after their studies, broken down by where the students arrived from and what type of course they chose.
• The sectors international graduates are working in – are they displacing home graduates from jobs?
• The cost to the UK of the restrictions imposed since 2012 on post-study work.

The report has been commissioned by HEPI and Kaplan from London Economics in direct response to the Migration Advisory Committee’s report (published in September 2018), which rejected big changes to post-study work rules and called for “a proper evaluation” on “what students are doing in the post-study period”. This new HEPI / Kaplan report addresses that question.

The report builds upon our previous work with Kaplan and London Economics on the impact of Brexit on student flows; and on the net financial contribution to the UK of international students – EU and non-EU alike, including undergraduates and postgraduates.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Gavan Conlon & Maike Halterbeck, London Economics
  • Linda Cowan, Managing Director, Kaplan International Pathways
  • Nick Hillman, Director, HEPI

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