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20 02, 2014

Unfinished Business?: Higher education legislation

20 February, 2014|Publications|0 Comments|

The Coalition promised a level playing field for all higher education providers. But that has not happened. In place of a level playing field, we have an unkempt meadow. The report looks at eight pinch points where different rules have emerged without a clear rationale, including: tuition fees and loans; the working rights of international students; and access to an independent complaints process.

29 01, 2014

HEPI-HEA House of Commons Breakfast Seminar – The purpose of HE / What is higher education for?

29 January, 2014|Events, Seminars|0 Comments|

A criticism of universities in the past has been that they are excessively focused on research and pay inadequate attention to students.  Whether or not it is a rationalisation, one of the stated purposes of the Government’s reforms and the focus on “putting students first” has been to change the balance.  Is there a danger of the pendulum swinging too far in the opposite direction?  How should universities balance between the demands of excellent teaching, outstanding research and wider engagement with business in the community?  And, as different universities adopt different approaches, what risks do they run?

Speakers: Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive, UUK and Rachel Wenstone, NUS Vice President

17 12, 2013

The cost of the Government’s reforms of the financing of higher education – an update

17 December, 2013|Publications|0 Comments|

This update sets out the information that has become available since HEPI’s last report on the cost of the Government’s reforms (Thompson et al, 2012) and considers some of the criticisms made of that report. By far the biggest change has been the announcement on 5 December 2013 by the Chancellor of the Exchequer that Government was to ‘abolish the cap on student numbers altogether’. Our first thoughts on this radical development are set out under the final heading – ‘The Autumn Statement’.

26 11, 2013

2013 Hepi Annual Lecture “Higher education in the UK – Punching above our weight.” Really?

26 November, 2013|Events, Lectures|1 Comment|

In this his valedictory lecture, Bahram Bekhradnia, Hepi’s Director, questions how good the UK’s higher education system really is?

14 11, 2013

2013 HEPI-Elsevier Autumn Conference: Universities & Research Competitiveness – The future for UK Research Policy & Funding

14 November, 2013|Events|0 Comments|

The full programme and booking form is available for download here

Speaker presentations:

7 11, 2013

HEPI publishes report highly critical of the new framework for regulating HE in England

7 November, 2013|News|0 Comments|

With the Government abandoning plans to legislate for a new system of regulation for HE in England in 2011, it had to seek to regulate the sector using existing mechanisms.

7 11, 2013

The future regulation of higher education in England

7 November, 2013|Publications|0 Comments|

In a HEPI report examining the future regulation of higher education in England (published 7 November 2013) HEPI argues that in introducing its funding and other changes to the system of HE in England without securing a robust regulatory environment, the Government has left the sector vulnerable and itself unable to maintain the proper oversight needed to protect the public interest.

3 10, 2013

HEPI publishes a new report on the impact on demand of the Government’s White Paper on higher education

3 October, 2013|News|0 Comments|

This HEPI report (published 3 October 2013) provides an updated assessment of the impact on demand for full-time higher education as a result of the changes in student support and fee levels introduced in England by the Coalition Government in 2012.

3 10, 2013

The impact on demand of the Government’s reforms of higher education

3 October, 2013|Publications|0 Comments|

This HEPI report (published 3 October 2013) provides an updated  assessment of the impact on demand for full-time higher education as a result of the changes in student support and fee levels introduced in England by the Coalition Government in 2012.  This latest HEPI report also provides the evidence of the impact of these White Paper changes on part-time higher education.

HEPI concludes that there is prima facie evidence that the White Paper changes led to a reduction in demand, or supply, or both leading to fewer part-time entrants to higher education. Given these provisional findings, this HEPI report describes the changes that may have led to the continuing fall in part-time entrant numbers, considers the further questions that need to be addressed and sets out some policy options.

1 08, 2013

HEPI Trustees announce appointment of new Director

1 August, 2013|News|0 Comments|

The Trustees of the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Nick Hillman to succeed Mr Bahram Bekhradnia as Director of the Institute from 1 January 2014. Mr Hillman is currently Advisor to the Rt. Hon. David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science.