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The impact on demand of the Government’s reforms of higher education

  • 3 October 2013
  • By John Thompson and Bahram Bekhradnia
  • HEPI number 62

This HEPI report (published 3 October 2013) provides an updated  assessment of the impact on demand for full-time higher education as a result of the changes in student support and fee levels introduced in England by the Coalition Government in 2012.  This latest HEPI report also provides the evidence of the impact of these White Paper changes on part-time higher education.

HEPI concludes that there is prima facie evidence that the White Paper changes led to a reduction in demand, or supply, or both leading to fewer part-time entrants to higher education. Given these provisional findings, this HEPI report describes the changes that may have led to the continuing fall in part-time entrant numbers, considers the further questions that need to be addressed and sets out some policy options.

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