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HEPI Guest Post

  • The Unbearable Weight of 1000 Days: Afghan girls and their Stolen Future 

    13 June 2024 by Naimat Zafary

    In 1893, for the first time in modern democratic history, women voted in the national elections in New Zealand.[1] 131 years ago this was a model for equality in the political arena. Yet the arc of history does not always bend towards justice. In the heart of Asia in a country…

  • We must support London for the benefit of Global Britain

    12 June 2024 by Anna Zvagule

    ***The Green Party’s 2024 manifesto is due to be released today – follow the announcements for higher education on our live blog*** When people from elsewhere in the world think about the economic engine of the UK, their minds naturally turn to London. As the capital and largest city, London…

  • Open excess: remove open access burden from REF

    11 June 2024 by Patrick Grant, Tanita Casci and Stephen Conway

    Whatever your opinion of the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF), it has driven important changes in how we define and assess research excellence. The inclusion in the REF of societal impact, its emphasis on quality over quantity, and plans to evaluate the quality and sustainability of the research environment all…

  • A Manifesto for Independent Providers

    10 June 2024 by Alex Proudfoot

    The higher education sector, like the country, faces a fork in the road ahead. Perhaps it is nothing but the heady sensation of summer coming down the track, but it feels like change is in the air. Something has to give. Pressure on the financial model of universities has been…

  • Weekend Reading: Peer Support for Students Who Identify as Trans and Non-Binary

    8 June 2024

    The experiences of trans students at university differ significantly from their cisgendered university peers. Studies continue to show that they experience more instances of physical or emotional threat, do not feel that universities make reasonable adjustments for their recognition and inclusion, and have a concerning lack of faith in university…

  • We have a Vision for the Future – the Russell Group Students’ Union Manifesto

    4 June 2024 by Tesnime Safraou

    ***At 9am tomorrow, Wednesday 5 June, we are hosting a webinar on the Australian Universities Accord. You can register here.*** Higher Education is at a critical juncture. As demand for university education increases, the financial support systems meant to sustain this growth are crumbling. For the past decade, real-terms funding…