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The HEPI Blog aims to make brief, incisive contributions to the higher education policy landscape. It is circulated to our subscribers and published online. We welcome guest submissions, which should follow our Instructions for Blog Authors. Submissions should be sent to our Blog Editor, Josh Freeman, at [email protected].

  • Aligning quality for all the world to see

    27 June 2024 by Alastair Delaney

    The Quality Assurance Agency has today published the new edition of the UK Quality Code. The previous edition was published in 2018. The Quality Code is a key reference point for the HE sector. It articulates the principles of UK higher education for securing academic standards and assuring and enhancing…

  • The Higher Education Business Model is Broken: Bridging the Gap to a New Model

    24 June 2024 by Robert Dover

    Higher education is the hidden issue in the current UK general election campaign. One of the few references to the sector has come from the Conservative Party talking point about what they consider to be ‘low value’ or ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees (despite Disney’s success in creating $183 billion of market…

  • Decarbonising Higher Education – The Investment Challenge

    21 June 2024 by Toby Horne

    The carbon cost of higher education Universities and higher education (HE) institutions have an important role to play in meeting carbon reduction targets. In 2021, over one thousand universities and HE colleges worldwide pledged to become completely carbon neutral by 2050, with some institutions aiming to decarbonise as quickly as…

  • Open Access: A Benefit Not a Burden That is Worth the Cost

    20 June 2024 by Stephen Curry, Dorothy Bishop and Martin Paul Eve

    Sometimes it seems as though the debates on open access (OA) move in endless circles. In fact they are slowly spiraling towards their conclusion, just as OA policies are moving, albeit circuitously, towards full implementation. The policy trajectory has not been straight because so many technical, commercial and cultural arguments…

  • Using AI to think with students, not for them

    18 June 2024 by Mary Curnock Cook and Bess Brennan

    Last month’s invitation-only meeting focused on assessment, with four HE leaders – from the University of Greenwich, Imperial College London, University of Glasgow and Queen’s University Belfast – sharing their institutional frameworks and practical solutions. Together, they took us through the cycle of assessment from the grassroots of assessment design…

  • The Research Excellence Framework: UK Higher Education’s great export

    17 June 2024 by Hugh McKenna and Roger Watson

    In many countries, most research undertaken in universities is government funded and governments have a responsibility to ensure that it is well spent. This increasingly means that funding must be targeted at research quality. One of the means of knowing where quality research is undertaken is through rigorous and systematic…

  • Cyber threat actors are targeting UK universities. Are security teams prepared?

    14 June 2024 by Zeki Turedi

    UK universities have been a consistent target of choice by cyber-attackers in recent years. They are a particularly vulnerable institution due to the large number of students and staff dispersed across campuses, making it difficult for small IT teams to track the thousands of endpoints that each have pathways into…