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The HEPI Blog aims to make brief, incisive contributions to the higher education policy landscape. It is circulated to our subscribers and published online. We welcome guest submissions, which should follow our Instructions for Blog Authors. Submissions should be sent to our Blog Editor, Josh Freeman, at [email protected].

  • How can edtech address some of the greatest challenges facing HE leaders?

    3 November 2023 by Nic Newman and Mary Curnock Cook

    From the AI explosion to the rise of chatbots and metaversities, rapid digital innovation is impacting university campuses, teaching and learning to an unprecedented extent. For HE leaders, it can be hard to keep track of the latest developments while also tackling their immediate challenges. Aimed at these time-pressed HE…

  • The ambition for the LLE is shackled by its detail

    2 November 2023 by Helena Vine

    The Lifelong Learning Entitlement (LLE) provides a tuition fee loan entitlement equivalent to four years of post-18 education – £37,000 in today’s fees. From 2025, this loan will be used for full qualifications, and modules of some “job-specific” technical qualifications. From 2027, this will be extended to Level 4 to…

  • Alternative Providers as Partners of Traditional Universities

    30 October 2023 by Mark Jeynes

    In this blog, we highlight the important role that Alternative Providers of Higher Education (‘Alternative Providers’ or ‘APs’) can play as partners to traditional universities. Alternative Providers are described by HESA as higher education providers who do not receive recurrent funding from the Office for Students (previously HEFCE) or another…

  • The Bologna Process 25 years on: higher education quality and international trust

    25 October 2023 by Tessa Blackstone

    As part of the Bologna Process, the UK is committed to the European Standards and Guidelines, internationally agreed good practice in quality oversight. QAA’s policy paper highlights that England has diverged from the standards in four areas: The policy paper outlines how realigning with this good practice could help retain…

  • Robbins, Specialist Institutions and Industrial Policy

    24 October 2023 by Andy Westwood

    The Robbins Report had a great deal to say about higher education in the UK and some parts are better known than others. Top of the list was that university places ‘should be available to all who were qualified for them by ability and attainment’ which has become known as the…

  • The Robbins Review – Lessons for the Future by Professor Huw Morris

    23 October 2023 by Huw Morris

    The Robbins Review report was published 60 years ago this October. The review made a series of recommendations which have provided a reference point for comment on UK Government higher education policy ever since. This article looks back at the report and considers what the lessons might be for politicians,…