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  • Book review: Taking Up Space

    4 November 2019 by Rachel Hewitt

    There is a fairly clear consensus in higher education that we have a lot of work to do to tackle racial inequality. Students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups (a controversial classification in its own right) have poorer experiences at university than White students. Numbers of Black academics are…

  • More thoughts on the student vote (and pricking some of the nonsense)

    1 November 2019 by Nick Hillman

    Since the House of Commons agreed to an election on 12 December, there has been lots of interest in the student vote. Nonsense Lots of the chatter has been nonsensical. For example, people who used to claim that the newish individual electoral registration system would lead to lots of students…

  • Should student reps be paid?

    30 October 2019 by Michael Natzler

    "The very same universities that oppose unpaid work often rely on unpaid student reps themselves."

  • Beware HE Digital Transformation (and… Brexit a Gift Horse?)

    22 October 2019 by Ian Anderson

    This blog was kindly contributed by Ian Anderson, Enterprise Architect at Ellucian. This morning (Friday 18th October), the Sky News Channel’s Brexit Countdown clock informs me that there are 13 days, 13 hours and 48 mins until B-Day, while scrolling tickertape advises that the DUP won’t support the latest ‘new’ deal and at some point soon it would appear we are…

  • Gavin in Wonderland – the Department for Education Guidance on free speech

    21 October 2019 by Dean Machin

    This blog was kindly contributed by Dr Dean Machin, Strategic Policy Adviser at the University of Portsmouth. Last month’s Department for Education guidance to the Office for Students commands the attention of anyone in the Higher Education sector but, for those of us drawn to the absurd, Gavin Williamson’s injunction…

  • Europe and The Final Countdown: university life in the border zone

    18 October 2019 by Malachy Ó Néill

    This guest blog was kindly contributed by Malachy Ó Néill, Provost of Ulster’s Magee campus and widely recognised for his excellence in both teaching and research. Ulster University’s Magee campus, located in the UK’s most western and historic walled city of Derry~Londonderry, has its origins in 1865 with the inception…

  • Access to Apprenticeships – are apprenticeships working for disabled students?

    17 October 2019 by Laura Burley

    This blog was kindly contributed by Laura Burley, Apprenticeships Ambassador at The Open University. For those universities that have taken the strategic decision to support the apprenticeship agenda in England, there is much to get to grips with: the development of new practice-based programmes: Ofsted for higher apprenticeships; new agencies;…