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  • Scaling up online education? More haste less speed

    29 April 2020 by Neil Morris

    This guest blog has been kindly contributed by Professor Neil Morris, Chair in Educational Technology, School of Education, University of Leeds. He can be found at @NeilMorrisLeeds The Unbundled University research project, funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC grant number ES/P002102/1) and the National Research Foundation…

  • Learning for learning’s sake in the Covid-19 pandemic

    27 April 2020 by Luke Cavanaugh

    This is the second blog contributed by Luke Cavanaugh, an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. Luke previously wrote about how students must not bear the brunt of universities’ woes in the turmoil of Covid-19. Covid-19 has caused a shock to the university system that is likely to be felt…

  • WEEKEND READING: Students and Universities UK align over bailouts

    25 April 2020 by Rachel Hewitt

    Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, there were many factors already impacting the stability of university finances. Low numbers of 18-year olds in the population led to universities battling to recruit enough students. The potential risks of the Augar review leading to lower tuition fees had not been fully put to…

  • Don’t panic … yet.

    23 April 2020

    Surprise has been expressed that Universities UK’s (UUK) package of proposals for helping universities in the current crisis has not already been accepted by Ministers in Whitehall and by the devolved administrations. Today’s Financial Times front-page lead, for example, is headlined, ‘Universities’ plea for £2bn bailout falls on deaf ears…

  • Universities are showing great leadership on Covid-19. They should now seize opportunities to tackle climate change and other sustainable development goals.

    22 April 2020 by Lucian J Hudson

    This blog was kindly contributed by Lucian J. Hudson, Chair, Earthwatch Europe and past Director of Communications, University of Oxford and The Open University. Lucian has previously blogged for HEPI on leadership for the higher education sector, reflecting on issues from widening participation to the priorities for driving into the…

  • Languages crises? Lessons from other Anglophone countries

    20 April 2020 by Megan Bowler

    This blog was written by former HEPI intern and author of HEPI Report 123 ‘A Languages crisis?’, Megan Bowler. Megan is in her third year at the University of Oxford and has previously blogged for HEPI on topics from the gender divide in languages study to learning languages one at…

  • WEEKEND READING: This year’s school grades – Ofqual’s consultation

    18 April 2020

    This blog was kindly contributed by Dennis Sherwood, an independent consultant. Dennis has produced much of HEPI’s past output about A-Levels, including 1 school grade in 4 is wrong. Does this matter? and Trusting teachers is the best way to deliver this years’ exam results – and those in future…