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  • Halfon right: Ofqual has more to do

    14 July 2020 by Dennis Sherwood & Rob Cuthbert

    This blog was kindly contributed by Dennis Sherwood and Rob Cuthbert. Dennis runs the Silver Bullet Consultancy and is a frequent contributor to the HEPI blog. Rob Cuthbert is an independent academic consultant and Emeritus Professor of higher education management. @RobCuthbert On the 11th July, The Education Select Committee, chaired…

  • Steve Smith: Options for higher education in 2020/21 – how choices might change

    13 July 2020 by Steve Smith

    This blog is an edited transcript of a speech delivered to last week’s Festival of Higher Education by Sir Steve Smith, the Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University of Exeter – and the new International Education Champion. May I start by offering my sincere congratulations to Sir Anthony for bringing…

  • WEEKEND READING: A snapshot analysis of UKRI’s Diversity Data

    11 July 2020 by Bethan Cornell

    This blog was written by KCL Physics PhD student and current HEPI intern, Bethan Cornell. Bethan is the author of the recent HEPI publication, PhD Life: The Student Experience. Find Bethan on Twitter @CornellBethan. On Thursday, 16 July 2020, Bethan will be speaking at a free HEPI webinar on PhD…

  • zhōngwén (中文): an opportunity the UK can’t afford to miss

    10 July 2020 by Megan Bowler

    This blog was kindly contributed by Megan Bowler, author of the HEPI Report A Languages Crisis? HEPI’s important and timely new publication UK Universities and China raises important proposals on the need for the UK’s higher education sector to strengthen its collaboration with China and to provide a more welcoming…

  • The challenges to higher education in the coming months and years by Glyn Davis

    9 July 2020 by Glyn Davis

    HEPI is reproducing here the speech that Glyn Davis, the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne (from 2005 to 2018), made earlier this week to the fifth Buckingham Festival of HE, which was held with support by Pearson and on which HEPI partnered. Glyn is now the Chief Executive…

  • Keeping the momentum going: Universities and community spirit during COVID-19 and beyond

    8 July 2020 by Sophie Cloutterbuck

    This blog was kindly contributed by Sophie Cloutterbuck, Director of London Engagement, London Metropolitan University. Over the last two years, there has been a movement to draw attention to the role of universities as civic institutions. The Civic University Commission was set up by UPP Foundation in 2018. The Foundation…

  • Gordon Marsden: We can and must avoid a bleak future for higher education

    7 July 2020 by Gordon Marsden

    This blog was kindly contributed by Gordon Marsden, Shadow Minister for Higher and Further Education and Skills from 2015 to 2019. You can find him on Twitter @GordonMarsden. Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world… Lines from the Irish writer W.B. Yeats poem,…

  • How to recruit international students in 2020? Communicate, communicate, communicate

    6 July 2020 by Nick Hillman

    The author, Nick Hillman, thanks the multiple sources who provided information for this article, all of whom work closely with international students. In an increasingly competitive global higher education market, current and prospective international students are making difficult decisions about where to study, not just for next year, but potentially…

  • Top five points for early career researchers in the UK Research and Development Roadmap

    3 July 2020 by Bethan Cornell

    This blog was written by HEPI intern and KCL Physics PhD student Bethan Cornell. Bethan is the author of the recent HEPI publication, PhD Life: The Student Experience. Earlier this week, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published the Government’s UK Research and Development Roadmap, outlining how…