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  • Calling academics who want to write about higher education

    21 November 2019

    I am sometimes asked why HEPI doesn’t publish more policy papers by academics, given that all our output relates to higher education which, by definition, academics know about. It is a good question and one for which I probably do not have the perfect reply. (I am taking ‘academics’ here…

  • Student complaints and value for money

    19 November 2019 by Felicity Mitchell

    This blog is an edited transcript of a speech delivered at the HEPI / PwC conference on the value of higher education by Felicity Mitchell, Independent Adjudicator at the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. An introduction to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator We run the student complaints scheme, reviewing…

  • The Centenary Commission on Adult Education

    18 November 2019 by Jonathan Michie

    We are delighted to host this guest blog by Jonathan Michie, the President of Kellogg College, Oxford. A new report published today calls on all universities to provide adult education and lifelong learning. Indeed, it recommends that this should become a requirement for using the protected term ‘university’. No adult education and lifelong…

  • HEPI’s Top 40

    15 November 2019 by Nick Hillman

    At around 9.30pm last night, HEPI’s website notched up its one millionth page view since its last wholesale revamp. As it is the time of year when the music charts fill up with greatest hits collections, we are marking this milestone by listing our Top 40 most popular posts over…

  • How can institutions best account for the value they deliver?

    12 November 2019 by Nigel Seaton

    This blog is an edited transcript of a speech delivered by Professor Nigel Seaton, Principal and Vice Chancellor of Abertay University, at the PwC / HEPI conference on the 18th October. PwC are longstanding supporters of research into the Higher Education sector, and without their support the conference would not…

  • Can Edtech help with student wellbeing and mental health?

    5 November 2019 by Mary Curnock Cook

    This blog was kindly contributed by Mary Curnock Cook who chairs the Advisory Board for the Student Room’s development project and the university pilots. Worries about students’ mental health and wellbeing are seldom far from the news and the higher education sector is taking seriously what seems to be a spiralling increase in low wellbeing and poor mental health. Now, three universities are piloting a technology-driven approach to tackling the problem. Back in…