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  • The Office for Students? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

    1 August 2019

    The Office for Students is over a year old now, and today gain its full regulatory powers. Even during their initial year, they have made significant interventions in higher education on widening participation, safeguarding students and contextual offers, as well as focusing on getting providers onto the register. However today…

  • Advancing the value of older workers in HE workplaces: the case for ‘Elders’ not ‘Olders’

    31 July 2019 by Domini Bingham

    A guest blog, kindly contributed by Dr Domini Bingham, Lecturer, Educational Leadership, Department of Learning and Leadership, UCL Institute of Education. She is the author of Older Workforces – Re-imagining Later Life Learning(2019) . The UK’s Augar Review of Post-18 Education and Funding (2019) has reported on a shameful and costly neglect to those who…

  • Saving humanities from the STEM promised land

    29 July 2019 by Samuel Martín-Barbero

    This is a guest blog kindly contributed by Dr. Samuel Martín-Barbero, Vice-Chancellor at the University Camilo José Cela (Madrid, Spain). Education and labour policy makers, tech-believers and business followers should realise that for a graduate ‘entering the job market’ is not about one’s first job. On the contrary, it is…

  • Where and what did the new Cabinet study?

    26 July 2019

    As the dust begins to settle after a historic reshuffle, we take a look at the new Cabinet and their higher education backgrounds. Our initial analysis reveals: 91% went to university (one was at Sandhurst, one at Agricultural College) Two thirds (67%) went to a Russell Group university Nearly half…

  • Augar and the ladder of learning: the value of Level 4 and 5 qualifications in lifelong learning

    22 July 2019 by Dave Phoenix, Chief Executive, London South Bank University

    Beyond the headline announcements of the Augar Review, there are wide-ranging proposals, covering everything from Level 2 to adult education. Its recommendations regarding the promotion and expansion of Level 4 and 5 education demand particular attention, and I am pleased to see several recommendations I sought in my paper for…

  • Three ways universities can prepare for a possible general election

    18 July 2019

    It is not beyond the realms of possibility that there will be a general election before the year is out – perhaps as early as September. I once thought a second referendum was more likely than a general election but, at this moment, it seems I was almost certainly wrong.…

  • Bridging the Research-Policy Divide

    17 July 2019 by Iain Mansfield

    A version of this guest article was originally presented by Iain Mansfield at the HEPI Partner Policy Briefing Day. “I can call up 50 academics who will tell me how to design the perfect pension system, but I can’t find any who can tell me how to improve the one…

  • Does Augar present ‘evidence-based policy’, or ‘policy-based evidence’?

    15 July 2019 by Greg Walker

    Today’s guest blog, from Dr Greg Walker, CEO of MillionPlus, is a full and thoughtful critique of the Augar review, and we urge people to read it carefully.  As someone with experience with independent reviews of higher education, I understand the energy and effort that panel members and officials put…