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  • School performance tables are cancelled – should university league tables be cancelled too?

    25 March 2020 by Rachel Hewitt

    Last week saw Gavin Williamson announce the closure of schools and colleges, along with the cancellation of primary school tests (SATS), GCSEs and A levels. Higher education institutions have followed suit, with all universities now suspending face-to-face teaching. The Secretary of State’s speech also included the cancellation of school performance tables for…

  • Connectedness, trust and student engagement

    24 March 2020 by Mary Curnock Cook

    This blog was kindly contributed by Mary Curnock Cook, a HEPI Advisory Board member and Chair of Council for the Dyson Institute. I often reflect that today’s youngsters are courageous and articulate and funny and breathtakingly clever in ways that my generation just wasn’t. Perhaps the distance in years has…

  • Universities will be changed forever by the Coronavirus crisis – and its aftermath

    23 March 2020 by Anthony Seldon

    This blog has been written for HEPI by Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. Universities will be changed forever by the Coronavirus crisis and its aftermath. A welcome harbinger has been a greater sense of unity and collective mission among universities than at any point in recent – sometimes…

  • The academic fraudster who proved why good regulation is necessary

    20 March 2020 by Nick Hillman

    If you find yourself with a little more time to read over the next few weeks while social distancing or self-isolating, then – after you have read and re-read HEPI’s recent output – may I recommend The Professor and the Parson by Adam Sisman? It is a biography of Robert Peters, who spent…

  • Study from home? What if you don’t have a home?

    17 March 2020 by Eluned Parrott

    This blog was kindly contributed by Eluned Parrott, Director of the Unite Foundation, the UK’s biggest provider of scholarships to care-leavers and estranged students. As the sector responds to the spread of Covid-19, the question of whether our thought processes are entirely inclusive once again springs to mind. Working with…

  • What might Covid-19 mean for PhD students & postdocs?

    16 March 2020

    This blog has been written by Bethan Cornell, a PhD student at King’s College London. What might be the implications for doctoral (PhD) students and postdoctoral researchers that are unable to work due to Covid-19, either because of self-isolation or departmental closure? Work on projects may have to stop –…

  • Michelle Donelan: harbinger of Augar? Or Michelle Donelan: something more?

    13 March 2020 by Michael Natzler

    It is fair to say that many of us working in higher education policy knew little about the new Universities Minister Michelle Donelan and the new Science Minister Amanda Solloway at the time of the recent reshuffle. Some commentary focused on the wider reshuffle, interpreting the appointment of many new…