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  • Commuting students – enhancing a different student experience

    27 September 2019 by Sal Jarvis

    This guest blog is kindly contributed by Dr Sal Jarvis, Pro Vice Chancellor, Education and Student Experience at the University of Hertfordshire. It is the start of a new academic year. As staff thoughts turn to course induction and as Students Unions plan Freshers’ events, new students are rolling up…

  • The Label Problem Driving the Cost of American Higher Education

    26 September 2019 by Andrew Stumpff Morrison

    This blog was kindly contributed by Andrew Stumpff Morrison, author and lawyer who teaches at the law schools of the University of Michigan, University of Alabama, and Washington University in St. Louis. U.S. Democratic presidential candidates’ most-offered proposal for reducing the financial burdens of American higher education is to make community college free of charge. The next-most popular…

  • A 32-hour week: sensible or nonsensical?

    24 September 2019 by Nick Hillman

    At the Labour Party Conference yesterday, John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, said: I can tell you today that the next Labour government will reduce the average full time working week to 32 hours within a decade. A shorter working week with no loss of pay. Predictions of…

  • White Elephant #2: Talking about Race in Higher Education

    21 September 2019 by Professor Shân Wareing

    This blog by Professor Shân Wareing originally appeared in HEPI Report 120 The white elephant in the room: ideas for reducing racial inequalities in higher education. To put this section in the context of my background, I am a white employee of a UK university. In 2018, I led the…

  • White Elephant #1: Race matters: Addressing competing inequalities in higher education

    20 September 2019 by Professor Kalwant Bhopal

    This blog by Professor Kalwant Bhopal originallyappeared in HEPI report 120 The white elephant in the room: ideas for reducing racial inequalities in higher education The year 2019 marks 20 years since the publication of the Macpherson report (1999). The Macpherson report was published as a result of an inquiry on the tragic murder of Stephen…