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The HEPI Blog aims to make brief, incisive contributions to the higher education policy landscape. It is circulated to our subscribers and published online. We welcome guest submissions, which should follow our Instructions for Blog Authors. Submissions should be sent to our Blog Editor, Josh Freeman, at [email protected].

  • Weekend Reading: Placing the student experience at the heart of the university library

    9 September 2023 by Melissa Bowden

    As university libraries prepare for an influx of new students, we spoke to Benjamin Veasey, University Librarian, and Adam Robinson, Content Manager, about the innovative schemes implemented by the University of Derby to ensure a truly excellent experience for the new starters. What are the challenges that first-year undergraduates face…

  • Differentiating graduates from modern workplace competitors through their differences: the value of transdisciplinary employability education for TNE students

    8 September 2023 by Laura Brammar and Victoria Wade

    Changes in the global market mean employers are increasingly aware of the need for staff who can blend their specialist knowledge and skillsets with experts from different fields, so as to achieve broader objectives. More than ever employers value, and expect, graduates who can demonstrate interdisciplinarity from day one, working…

  • How to enable the employability of university graduates

    7 September 2023 by Obinna Okereke

    How to Enable the Employability of University Graduates, edited by Saskia Loer Hansen and Kathy Daniels, presents a compilation of best practices for enabling employability within higher education (HE). In an era characterised by unprecedented trends such as record numbers of under-18s going to university, rapid advancements in artificial intelligence,…

  • Why Universities are key to a healthy NHS

    5 September 2023 by Jolanta Edwards and Susanna Kalitowski

    This summer we have been commemorating 75 years of the NHS, the first universal health system in the world to be available to all, free at the point of delivery. Most Britons were born in an NHS hospital, and nearly everyone living in the UK has benefited at one time or…

  • Challenges facing women in post-study jobs, retraining and skills following the pandemic

    4 September 2023 by Gordon Marsden and Rose Stephenson

    Challenges and concerns for women post-pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis were the focus of an event held in Parliament, organised by Right to Learn, the national campaign which brings together further education, higher education, skills, and lifelong learning to look at new ideas and policies to drive the economy, social…

  • Universities continue to fail the non-traditional part-time mature PhD student

    4 September 2023 by Peter Block

    Right now, with the start of another academic year only a few weeks away, a new cohort of students are preparing to embark on their intellectually most significant academic journey. The award of a PhD as the result of several years as a doctoral student is seen as the pinnacle…

  • WEEKEND READING: Looking back and looking forwards

    2 September 2023 by Nick Hillman

    Since HEPI was founded in 2002, it has published around 160 Reports (blue books), 50 Policy Notes and over 30 Debate Papers (red books, but originally yellow Occasional Papers) as well as over 1,500 blog posts. This is not anything like a complete record because some of HEPI’s written output,…

  • Is the future tertiary?

    1 September 2023 by Alice Wilby

    Creating a parity of esteem between Further Education and Higher Education, or between ‘vocational’ and ‘academic’, is often suggested as a good idea to improve skills shortages, achieve levelling up and promote economic growth. As Wales establishes a Commission for Tertiary Education and Research and Keir Starmer signals that Labour…