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  • What will the next Prime Minister think of higher education?

    28 May 2019

    Theresa May has announced the date for her departure and another Tory leadership contest is upon us. While the new Prime Minister’s first focus may not be higher education, the imminent announcement of the post-18 education review means tuition fees are a topic they will likely have to take a…

  • Will new online guidance on ‘facilitating subjects’ help or hinder fair access to highly-selective universities?

    24 May 2019 by Hugo Dale-Harris

    The Russell Group have just changed their official guidance for school students. They have moved away from a list of traditional ‘facilitating’ subjects. Instead, they are offering an online tool that gives course-specific guidance on what subjects are essential or useful to get onto different university disciplines. The new Informed Choices…

  • The university has become an anxiety machine

    23 May 2019 by Liz Morrish

    A guest blog kindly contributed by Dr Liz Morrish, author of  today’s new HEPI Occasional Paper 20: Pressure Vessels: The epidemic of poor mental health among higher education staff. There has recently been a significant amount of media concern surrounding the poor mental health of academics. In February 2018, Paul…

  • The Conservatoire Crisis: suggestions from Oxbridge

    22 May 2019 by Scott Caizley

    A guest blog kindly contributed by Scott Caizley, who is a PhD researcher at Kings College London looking at the experiences of low-income state school pupils at elite UK music conservatoires. Access and participation amongst state schooled students in UK conservatoires throughout the past years have remained at an all-time…

  • Book Review: ‘The State of Independence. Key Challenges Facing Private Schools Today.’

    16 May 2019 by Francis Green

    This book review has been kindly contributed by Francis Green, Professor of Work and Education Economics at UCL Institute of Education, and co-author, with historian David Kynaston, of ‘Engines of Privilege. Britain’s Private School Problem’, (Bloomsbury 2019). Private school leaders and sector authorities are sometimes more informative and thought-provoking when…

  • A moving target: the challenges of identifying and helping homeless university students.

    13 May 2019 by Patrick Mulrenan

    A guest blog from Patrick Mulrenan, the course leader for the BSc Community Development and Leadership at London Metropolitan University. One of the challenges of policy making is that issues are sometimes defined in stereotypes. This is particularly true of university education. Television programmes such as Fresh Meat have portrayed…

  • Mind your headlines

    12 May 2019 by Chris Ramsey

    This guest blog responding to yesterday’s media stories about independent schools and university entry has been kindly contributed by Chris Ramsey, Headmaster of Whitgift School, and spokesperson on universities for the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC). Journalists’ headlines are fair game of course, and always have been, but sometimes you wince a bit more than usual, and reading…