21 Mar, 2018

2018 HEPI / HEA Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity: Do universities reflect society enough?

21 March, 2018|Events, Seminars|3 Comments

22 Feb, 2018

2018 HEPI / HEA Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: Little Britain or Open Borders – what role for universities in defining Britain’s new place on the world stage?

22 February, 2018|Events, Seminars|2 Comments

24 Jan, 2018

2018 HEPI / HEA Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: How should we understand value for money in HE?

24 January, 2018|Events, Seminars

11 Jan, 2018

Launch of HEPI/Kaplan report on ‘The costs and benefits of international students by parliamentary constituency’ produced by London Economics

11 January, 2018|Events, Seminars

9 Nov, 2017

HEPI Roundtable Dinner in partnership with PwC ‘The Changing Global Environment for UK Universities’ with guest speaker Professor Sir Alan Langlands, Vice-Chancellor, University of Leeds,

9 November, 2017|Events, Seminars

19 Oct, 2017

HEPI/UPP Foundation Roundtable Lunch with guest speaker Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne

19 October, 2017 - 19 October, 2017|Events, Seminars

18 Oct, 2017

HEPI/Resolution Foundation Roundtable, Wednesday 18th October: American Universities in Trumpland: At the Edge of a Financial Disaster?

18 October, 2017|Events, Seminars

16 Oct, 2017

HEPI panel discussion: The Student Experience: improving outcomes, raising performance. What the latest data are telling us and how should higher education institutions respond?

16 October, 2017|Events, Seminars

12 Oct, 2017

HEPI Breakfast Seminar in partnership with Brightside: ‘Where next for widening participation and fair access?’ Opening keynote by the Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP, Chair, Education Select Committee

12 October, 2017|Events, Seminars

10 Oct, 2017

HEPI/Unite Students Roundtable Dinner at the University of Liverpool on the student experience with guest speaker Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor, University of Liverpool and President of UUK

10 October, 2017|Events, Seminars