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In recent years, HEPI has produced around 20 reports a year. They are all available free of charge here on our website and are generally also available in hard copy from the HEPI office. (The version on the website should be regarded as the version of record.)

  • Implications of the Government’s proposals for university title: or What is a University?

    1 November 2003 by Bahram Bekhradnia

    The Government has proposed that the criteria for the award of university title should be relaxed. This report is a review of the implications of the Government’s proposals, drawing on a number of commissioned studies which looked both at the historic picture and at the arrangements in a number of other countries for…

  • Demand for HE to 2010: Some Political and Policy Implications

    29 September 2003 by Bahram Bekhradnia

    The HEPI report “Supply and Demand in Higher Education” projects increased demand for higher education from between 180,000 and 250,000 additional young people qualified with two A-levels by the year 2010. This note looks at the implications of the policies of the different political parties (and some alternatives being proposed…

  • Higher education supply and demand to 2010

    12 June 2003 by Libby Aston

    This paper discusses higher education supply and demand to 2010: the supply of places in higher education institutions and the demand for higher education from students.

  • Widening Participation and Fair Access: An Overview of the Evidence

    1 February 2003 by Bahram Bekhradnia

    In many ways the issues of widening participation and fair access are quite distinct, and the measures required to address them are different. Nevertheless, in some important respects they are closely related, and in political discourse they are often conflated. This report takes a look at the evidence around both…