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HEPI is grateful for the support from our sponsor Kortext.

Founded in 2013, Kortext is a global leader in digital learning and student engagement solutions within higher education.

Our smart study platform provides a personalised, VLE-embedded, digital learning space for students to access course content, while offering institutions a gateway to five million eBooks, open educational resources and digital materials from over 4,700 publishers.

In a significant enhancement of our platform, Kortext partnered with Microsoft to launch Premium. Our suite of innovative, trusted AI-powered study tools leverages the capabilities of generative AI on institution-approved content only.

Kortext’s StREAM aggregates data from multiple university sources to provide a definitive picture of student engagement. Using this information, universities can deliver strategic initiatives that proactively support student retention, progression, outcomes and well-being.

In collaboration with Microsoft, we’re now taking the capabilities of AI even further with UniversityGPT: a bespoke GPT4o LLM solution enabling an institution to harness the power of AI across their entire knowledge estate, delivering unparallelled insights.

Explore the full potential of AI – register your interest in UniversityGPT today:

Earlier this year, Kortext also collaborated with HEPI on HEPI report Policy Note 51 Provide or punish? Students’ views on generative AI in higher education.

This major work explored students’ attitudes to AI. Based on a poll of 1,250 students through UCAS, a picture was built of the way students use and view generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and Google Bard. The report found that the use of generative AI has become normalised in higher education, but that universities have so far prevented an epidemic of AI-based cheating.