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HEPI is grateful for the support from our sponsor TechnologyOne.

TechnologyOne delivers customer-driven, innovative ERP software and is Australia’s leading SaaS provider.

With 35 years’ experience supporting tertiary, vocational, training and K-12 institutions across APAC and the United Kingdom, we offer a secure solution on a SaaS platform that connects students, academics, staff, and industry stakeholders.

Our OneEducation solution provides students and staff with a simple, intuitive, and engaging experience while reducing the administrative burden enabling essentially any device, anywhere, anytime access.

In 2021, we acquired Scientia and extended the OneEducation solution. With 90% of the A/NZ higher education market and over 100 UK universities using our solution, we are well placed to deliver business transformation while making life simple for our customers.  

Earlier this year, TechnologyOne also collaborated with HEPI on the high-profile A Minimum Income Standard for Students report.

This major work explored the Minimum Income Standard (MIS) as an approach developed by the Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP) at Loughborough University to determine how much money different groups in the population need to have for a minimum acceptable standard of living.

This report details what students agree is needed to reach this minimum standard and compares it with the current support available, finding that support falls short. It calls for the level of support to be increased so all students can have the opportunities and choices necessary to participate in higher education and wider society.

TechnologyOne’s SaaS ERP for educational institutions can be downloaded below:

TechnologyOne’s Student management can be downloaded below: