The HEPI University Partnership Programme is open to all organisations that have a key interest in the successful development of the UK’s higher education sector and wish to support HEPI’s mission to create a better informed policy environment in HE.

The University Partnership Programme is designed to provide its member organisations with secure privileged access to valuable sources of information and advice, specifically relating to the national policy environment within which they operate, as well as providing members of the programme with advanced and exclusive access to HEPI’s own initiatives and research outputs.

The annual cost of membership of the University Partnership Programme is £2,000 (+VAT) and provides access to a range of exclusive benefits including:

  • A detailed higher education policy briefing paper produced three times a year
  • Invitation for our university partners’ nominee to attend an annual HEPI Policy Briefing Seminar
  • Advanced copy of HEPI’s research reports (HEPI typically publishes 6-8 pieces of research per year) together with pre-publication briefings for HEPI’s university partners
  • Guaranteed reserved place for HEPI university partners’ nominee at HEPI’s paid-for events (for example, HEPI conferences which are normally held twice a year with delegate fees costing in the region of £350 inc VAT)
  • Advance notice of HEPI’s research and events programme

A full list of HEPI University Partners is available for download here: HEPI University Partnership Programme (list)

To join the HEPI University Partnership Programme please contact Sarah Isles, HEPI’s Development Director: